About Zenica Cars

For the past 7 years the luxury car market in India has welcomed a surge in sales to cater to the demands of the luxury automobile aficionado. Within the league of extraordinary brands present in the market the famed auto car manufacturer Audi stormed the ranks to cement its space at the leading luxury car in terms of sales – a proven declaration that has reviewed the sentiments of auto lovers across the board.

While addressing the given facts, an applaud-worthy mention is owed to those who have tirelessly worked to drive the brand AUDI towards this commendable milestone. At the point in time the Luxury Car Market was highly embryonic, Zenica Cars Pvt. Ltd. was given the task of establishing the first AUDI dealership christened Audi Gurgaon, for the brand in India, in 2006. The mission had its challenges as AUDI had yet to find its place in the hearts and minds of a brand obsessed Indian buyer. Keeping in sync with the said mind set of the buyer Mr. Rashy Todd and Mr. Mikey Todd set about the challenge which was nothing short of a fresh start. When standing today on their pedestal of being hailed as AUDI’s largest dealership in the country, one clearly realises that being the first has its advantages.

Spread over 13,684 square feet, Audi Gurgaon, is popularly known as the best luxury car showroom in India and by far the largest in every aspect in the AUDI India family. The opening of the Zenica brand’s second showroom in New Delhi, Audi Delhi Central, has placed the Todd’s in a league where only a few hope to venture. Based on an unconventional Lounge concept, the new showroom in the coveted address of central Delhi is designed to give customers unparalleled access in AUDI’s largest showroom in the area.

Spread over 6315 sq. ft., featuring a progressive lounge set-up with informal seating, video walls and state of the art interiors, lighting and technology; Audi Delhi Central has reinvented the standards of the experience a buyer expects when visiting a luxury car showroom, making the dealership the first of its kind in India. With a display area of 6 cars, the showroom will also house the Audi Shop and Audi Exclusive elements where customers can customise their cars and purchase exclusive Audi Merchandise.

Says the young scion Mikey Todd, "Our mission is to over exceed the expectations of our customers every single time may it be Sales, After-Sales, Spares or Safety-Riding. Cars and I have the longest association,’ and for long shall it continue. The Zenica Group added another feather to their already decorated plume. Being taken over by the Volkswagen group, global luxury automobile giant Porsche, in India took notice of the Todd’s and their unparalleled passion, dedication and inventiveness and appointed Zenica Cars Private Limited to be their representatives in their largest markets in North India. With the soon to open Porsche Center Gurgaon, the Todd’s and their brand Zenica Cars Private Limited have clearly been catapulted to being the largest luxury automobile dealerships in the country.

Porsche Centre Gurgaon opened its doors to its customers on 18th January 2014. It is the largest Porsche showroom in Asia and ranked amongst the top 10 flagships showrooms of Porsche in the World. Porsche Center Gurgaon is the authorized dealership for Porsche Sales & after Sales in the NCR. The company also known as Zenica Performance Pvt Ltd (Porsche Center Gurgaon) personifies the life of luxury. As Porsche in India have been taken over by the VW group I have been able to develop a new team and structure around me in the NCR. I am currently still creating awareness and a unique experience for our existing and potential new clients. Porsche is a unique company with strong ideals. Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles. We constantly meet our own high demands and have a definite idea about who are and how we approach things-

  • 27000 sq ft
  • Top ten flagship showrooms in the world
  • Largest in Asia
  • Car Display-15 car display, 9-new, 6-pre owned divided into two floors
  • Roof top garden for exclusive events
  • First of its kind showroom with its own corporate guidelines
  • Furniture & fixtures everything is from Germany
  • Bristo-serving Porsche designed menu, champagne & wine
  • Porsche Design Outlet