Customer Testimonials

The following are the reviews of the Audi Cars bought by the customers of Audi Gurgaon.

Audi A6 Car Purchase
Car Purchased : A6 Date : 18-07-2014

Right from the moment my daughter Henna and I entered your 'Audi Approved Plus,' showroom till the time I took delivery of the Audi A-6, my experience at the hands of your esteemed self and your able colleagues,particularly Ms. Renuka Vaid, was purely fantastic! I appreciate your and your team's adroit handling of prospects and clients like my self, needless to mention the great VFM car deals. The reception accorded to my wife, daughter and more to me, which included a Birthday celebration of mine, really moved me - Thanks. It is important for me to mention the pains taken by your Manager CRM, Ms Chauhan in explaining the Top Assist program which is a hall-mark of Audi! As the old saying that 'Water flows from the top,' I firmly believe that it is your dynamic, empathatic and exemplary leadership which motivates your colleagues to excel. Keep up the great work.
- Mr. Anand
Audi Q7 Car Purchase
Car Purchased : Q7 Date : 18-07-2014

It was a pleasure dealing with you and the manner in which you have interacted with me is GREAT. Your helpfull attitude is PLUS for your organization. May you have all the success in life ahead.
- Mr. Ravi Grover
Audi A4 Car Purchase
Car Purchased : A4 Date : 18-07-2014

Hi Bunti, thanks a lot for your great customer service and taking care of my needs. You really helped me with the best option and I am a proud owner of Audi today. I hope you will be taking care of my needs in future and also little problem I discussed with you, thanks Vishal Mehra.
- Mr. Vishal Mehra